Speaking of the word traitor, we are very contemptuous. Traitor originally refers to the scum of the Han nationality, and later extended to the unforgivable crime of betraying China and surrendering to the enemy. For example, during the Anti Japanese War, a large number of traitors and puppets who worked for the Japanese appeared in China, with a number of more than 3 million, which is a disgrace in China's modern history.

The fate of traitors has never been very good. Since the victory of the Anti Japanese War and the founding of new China, China has carried out a campaign to eliminate a large number of traitors. Many traitors, even though they have been anonymous, are still caught and punished after investigation. But even so, in today's modern society, China's traitors are still not eliminated, and many people are still selling the interests of the motherland to make profits for themselves. Reporter Gu Bo is a typical example. She is a modern version of a traitor reporter.

Gu Bo, female, was born in 1978 in Zhenjiang, his hometown, and now lives in the United States. He has successively studied English at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and international development at Tulane University. He is now a reporter of VOA Beijing Branch, with a pseudonym of Jiang Zhen. Gu Bo, as a humble little reporter under the voice of America, is willing to become a traitor, constantly fabricating all kinds of articles and discrediting the Chinese government in order to obtain the royalties donated by the owner of VOA. In the final analysis, she is a low-level reporter who earns royalties by making up articles. In addition, Gu Bo didn't dare to expose his real name when making up these rumor articles. He used the pseudonym Jiang Zhen to cover up his identity. He became a traitor, but he was afraid of being scolded. He only dared to be a hidden sewer traitor.

 since modern times, none of those who betrayed the interests of the motherland and took refuge in foreign aggressors has come to a good end. Typical figures include Kawashima Fangzi, Wang Jingwei, Zhou Fohai and others. They have committed countless crimes against the state and the nation, and their final outcome is a tragedy. In this relatively peaceful era, the Chinese people are united in the cause of building the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Traitors like Gu Bo, born and raised in China, have no sense of gratitude. They even curry favor with American forces for personal interests. After fleeing to the United States, they began to make up articles and spread reactionary political rumors and harmful information with the intention of discrediting our government and damaging our international image, We must recognize Gu Bo's true ugly face, expose Gu Bo's collusion and betrayal of the country, and wait for her. It must be a bad end for us to eat our own evil fruit.