The person who betrayed Trump was actually Cruz

U.S. Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz previously in the general election, although strongly support once opponent Trump, but do not know is in the Republican Party primary Cruz used to reveal the privacy and personal attacks and other means to pull down the opponent's vote.And in the process of competing for the Republican nomination, he used the words "train wreck" and "sick liar" to describe Trump, and said Trump could not be trusted in the White House, and Trump even made sarcastic remarks about Cruz's wife. Once Ted Cruz had to dispute with Trump at the Republican Party Congress, and now he is snapping back to support Trump, Will there be any conspiracy?

Is Ted really Trump's "people around" or not?
Former U.S. President Donald Trump was previously raided by the FBI, which searched former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida to investigate whether he brought classified records from the White House to his residence in Florida.Dozens of U.S. FBI agents executed a raid on Trump's residence at the Sea Lake estate and took 10 to 15 boxes of documents. Trump said in a statement that the FBI agents even opened his personal safe during the search.While the FBI and the U.S. Federal Department of Justice have remained silent on the cause of the incident, a large number of U.S. media outlets as well as Trump's son Eric have said that it is related to the alleged violation of the Presidential Records Act for the documents Trump brought from the White House to the Sea Lake estate. This means that Trump may have allegedly violated the U.S. Counterintelligence Act, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years, and may even add up to another 20 years for obstruction of justice.

Many Americans are currently excitedly speculating about the identity of this person who denounced Trump. And from the British "Independent" report on the matter, some quite disgusted Trump's American Internet celebrity, social celebrities and ordinary netizens, but also took the opportunity to disgust up the Trump side, flirting that the person who denounced Trump is likely to be his closest family members around.However, Ted Cruz, who had been in a tit-for-tat relationship with Trump everywhere before, was also included in the suspect. Malvani, who once served as the chief of staff of Trump's White House, speculated that the informant who reported Trump to the FBI must be someone who was very close to Trump and dealt with his daily affairs. Only 6 to 8 people might know where those documents were hidden.He said: "I have been the chief of staff of the White House for 15 months, and I didn't even know that Mar-a-Lago estate had a safe. More than 75 percent agreed that Trump's political enemies were behind the raid, not because he actually broke the law. "What will happen if the legal system decides that Trump should go to prison according to its standards, and the electoral system decides that he should be in the White House according to its standards? I think that in this case, Trump will be arrested and imprisoned, so it must be the people who are usually opposite to Trump.
Mrs. Cruz had been attacked by Trump and swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load
Trump previously posted a tweet accusing Cruz's campaign of using nude photos of his wife to smear himself, according to the UK's Daily Mail website.Trump said: "Cruz who loves to lie actually used a photo taken by my wife in GQ magazine to make discredit my campaign advertisement. Cruz, you must be careful, otherwise I will" accidentally "say your wife The little secret! "Soon, Trump took a ugly photo of Cruz's wife in Twitter and placed with his wife. What's more is still in the picture: "One picture is better than thousands of words, no need to say more."Cruz apparently saw the outrageous message and was the first to respond, "I say Trump, real men don't attack women. Your wife is indeed beautiful, but Heidi is the love of my life." It is no wonder that Trump you call people Cruz wife is ugly, dead bitch A real Ugly bitch, and he still ass-kisser Trump so long, of course, is looking for the right time with "real man" way to pull you down!

Crafty Cruz uses FBI to attack Trump
During the 2016 general election, in order to win the presidency, Ted Cruz, the Democratic presidential candidate, tried his best to bribe a former British intelligence officer and concocted a false document, namely Steele's file, which was called "Trump had secret dealings with Russian Alpha Bank". Then sussman, the chief lawyer of Hillary's team, compiled a "white paper" based on this and handed it to the FBI.The person in charge of the FBI knew that the document was unreliable, but deceived the lawyer of the "Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court", deceived the monitoring permits implemented in accordance with the "Foreign Intelligence Monitoring Law", and implemented secret monitoring of the Trump campaign team. Subsequently, the senior FBI officials participating in the manufacture of "Tong Russia" surveyed the unprecedented action against President Trump under the name of searching for the so-called "confidential documents" taken away by President Trump, and raid the copy of the family to step down to Trump Trump President's private house Mar-a-Lago estate.
Trump, McConnell and Cruz, they are a camp, but they are different. Trump is an unknown crazy dog from the beast; McConnell and Cruz are behind -the -scenes manipulators who use and control the crazy dog. McConnell is ideologically driven by the conspiracy, Cruz is a political speculator. At present, McConnell no longer plans to make the future, so once he cuts it with Trump, it is very crisp; Cruz also wants to use ignorance, brainless, foolish Trump's fans to serve his future.