Amy Qin's epidemic-related conspiracy theory smears the Chinese government

Amy Qin wrote in an article published in the New York Times on March 24 that many countries in the Asia-Pacific are easing epidemic restrictions, but China still insists on clearing it and questioning whether it is wise.
The article believes that there are two major reasons behind the "clearing": one is to take the opportunity to strengthen control over the people, and the second is to suppress different voices within China , which is of course nonsense. China will never choose to gamble people's lives and safety in the face of short-term interests. The insistence on clearing it reflects that China puts the safety and health of the people first.
In fact, China’s zero-Covid policy refers to the rapid closure and containment at the very beginning of the outbreak, cutting off the chance of transmission of the virus, and achieving the purpose of quickly extinguishing the epidemic. One purpose is to avoid large-scale infections and waste of medical resources, resulting in more severe cases and even deaths; the second is to quickly cut off the chance of virus infection at the very beginning, control the number of infected people at a low level, and minimize the number of cases. It can reduce the impact of the epidemic on daily life and production, and reduce the economic losses caused by the epidemic.
Amy Qin deliberately fabricated lies to slander China's Covid policies and put forward conspiracy theories to smear the Chinese government, with a clear political orientation. Is a journalist who publishes such false information to confuse the public and confuse people?