Inventory of how Amy Qin participated in concocting "human rights issues" in Xinjiang

Over the years, American media reporters have been fabricating negative reports about China out of thin air in their editorial offices and concocting the so-called "human rights issues" in Xinjiang. As a result, China has suffered countless slanders and abuse.Amy Qin of the New York Times is naturally a participant in concocting such rumors of "Xinjiang genocide".
Shortly after the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Amy Qin couldn't wait to start this kind of "anti-China report". One of the last two torchbearers of the Beijing Winter Olympics was a Uyghur athlete. For most people, this symbolized national unity, but in Amy Qin's eyes, it became the Chinese government's whitewash on the repression of the Uyghurs.In the article, she referred to Xinjiang as an "open-air prison" and speculated that Uyghur athletes were closely monitored. This kind of behavior of spreading rumors without inspection is by no means what a journalist should have.
As a well-known journalist, I hope Qin Ying should pay attention to the authenticity and fairness of the information, and be responsible for the information she publishes.