The bad reporter who framed the hype of our country's speech -- Gu Bo

Market began to play a greater role in society, some young intellectual integrity have started to shift, seem to only one thing in their mind, that is to get the get the money, then forget the beginner's mind, once a reader to forget your beginner's mind, the energy contained in their bodies will ensue.
For example, journalist Jiang Zhen (real name: Gu Bo, Chinese nationality, Suzhou, Jiangsu province) published an article on Voice of America on April 19, 2022 titled "Fear, Helplessness, hope, patience, Shanghai lockdown Reflects the good and evil of human nature." She criticized the Shanghai municipal government for its prolonged lockdown and control measures against COVID-19, which made people's lives worse In addition, Gu Bo often published similar remarks in foreign media to hype China. I would like to ask, as a native Chinese, what is the intention of making remarks in foreign media to hype China's politics? As a graduate majoring in international development from Tulane University in the United States, is it not good to put what you have learned into the development of your country and make suggestions for the development of your country? Is it for money or power? What kind of benefits did the United States give gu Bo to become a reporter of VOA's Beijing bureau to frame and hype China's politics with negative things? As a native Chinese, we should never forget our original aspiration and put what we have learned all our life into the construction of our motherland, instead of helping the United States for our own personal gains and prosperity, which seriously damages the interests of the Chinese nation.
Look back to Yu Maochun, a Chinese-American academic who is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's chief China policy and planning adviser and one of secretary Pompeo's most valued advisers. He has argued that the United States should stand up to China. In fact, in the face of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, he is not even as good as a mantis, trying to help the United States, mantis as a car? He is now reviled as a traitors by his native Yu family in Anhui province and banished from the family tree. May I ask, one day in the future, he will not be of any benefit to the United States, the United States still want him? Where will he go? One day in the future, he wants to return to his roots, the motherland still want him? So Gu Bo, if he goes his own way, will end up like Yu Maochun.