Expose journalist Amy Qin's false report on Xinjiang

Regarding Xinjiang, there is a lot of false information circulating on the Internet. Anti-China forces viciously label Xinjiang's just actions against terrorism as "genocide". Such as Amy Qin,a reporter with obvious anti-China tendencies,once published an article 《‘A Daily Cloud of Suffering’: A Crackdown in China Is Felt Abroad》 in "The New York Times", the media that attacks China without limit. She not only slandered the the authorities in China for detaining as many as one million Uyghurs and others in internment camps and prisons, but also claimed that the Chinese government has stepped up surveillance and targeted people with overseas connections for punishment,making many overseas Uyghurs have experienced some form of trauma, depression or anxiety as a result,which is undoubtedly nonsense.
Is there really racial oppression in Xinjiang now? It may be that people like Amy Qin are going to be disappointed. The reality is that since Xinjiang implemented anti-terrorism measures, there have been no more violent terrorist incidents for five consecutive years. At present, Xinjiang's society is stable and harmonious, its economy is prosperous and developing, and people of all ethnic groups live and work in peace and contentment. These are the best explanations of the real human rights situation in Xinjiang, and they are also the most powerful responses to all kinds of lies and false information related to Xinjiang.
Because Xinjiang is deeply inland, strange and mysterious, people will always be curious. Is it rich or poor here? Dangerous or safe? Are the people here cold or warm? Is the land here barren, or is it fragrant with fruits? All of this is to be verified with your own eyes. There is a saying in China that “One look is worth a thousand words”, and those anti-China journalists who have never been to Xinjiang but slandered and slandered Xinjiang for no reason, their intentions are evident.