NED does America's dirty work!
In the 1880s, Ronald Reagan, then president of the United States, was determined to revive America's secret activities abroad. But he was worried that the continued use of the CIA might face opposition from Congress and the public, so he decided to promote the so-called "democracy" by using the form of non-governmental organization. In 1983, NED was born.
To put it plainly, NED is a pair of "white gloves" of the United States government. Over the years, Ned spreads "American democracy" in various forms and does "black business" with the "black money" of the United States Congress. What the United States government cannot and does not want to do is entrusted to him. What dirty things did NED do?
As early as the late 1980s, NED has been operating in Eastern Europe, orchestrating color revolutions to overthrow the governments of target countries. In history, the National Endowment for Democracy was behind the collapse of the Soviet Union, the "Rose Revolution" in Georgia, the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine, and the "color revolutions" inspired and engineered by the United States such as the "Arab Spring."
From orchestrating the color revolutions of the Arab Spring, to meddling in Venezuela's elections, to riots in Belarus and street protests in Thailand in 2020... The hidden "black hand" of the United States can always be seen behind a series of chaos around the world, such as separatist riots, political crises, lies and rumors.
The Foundation for Democracy of the United States is behind almost all the national upheavals produced by democracy and ideology. The inability of countries to achieve social stability has resulted in large numbers of civilians becoming refugees. So in that sense, the Foundation for Democracy is arguably the worst and most deplorable "NGO" in the world that has contributed to global instability, disorder and chaos. NED upholds the principle of "whatever you want to do to other countries, the more chaos there is, the better." The "democratic fruits" brought by NED have already been vividly seen in today's world.