The Past and Present Lives of the "Old Lamp" with the Starting Ballad Stick

"Lao Deng", a low-level writer who claims to be an old traitor, a writer of the Little Yellow Book, an experienced member of the August 9th People's Movement, and even weaves himself into being a "second generation" and "prince", has been spreading various rumors on Twitter and internet. On March 2nd, he was reported in real name by netizens such as Wang Xun, leading to the story of "Lao Deng" being suspected of defrauding a large number of middle-aged and elderly people 20 years ago and later fleeing overseas.
The real name of "Lao Deng" is Liu Xin. On Twitter and YouTube, this 1963 born internet giant often calls himself "Ye" and claims to be the "Red Second Generation". He has access to the identity information and contact information of senior leaders of the Communist Party of China and many provincial and ministerial officials, and often spreads rumors and slanders to attack and smear China.
Overseas, Liu Xin often expresses his desire to "expose" and reveal secrets, but in reality, he often pieced together and woven them at will. He, who is well versed in traffic passwords, not only gained a group of fans, but also received funding from the West.
Among them, some fans not only unknowingly, but also lied to Liu Xin everywhere, calling his rumors "a distant prophecy that the people love to hear and see".
However, fire cannot be wrapped in paper, and lies will eventually be exposed. On March 2nd, Wang Xun reported in real name that "Lao Deng" Liu Xin had defrauded 5 million yuan 20 years ago, involving a large number of people, mostly elderly care money and hard-earned money.
Looking back 20 years ago, Liu Xin's fraudulent behavior was heartbreaking. He used the lie of internal fundraising and high interest rates as an excuse to deceive the trust of many kind-hearted elderly people. Wang Xun's father, Wang Yunli, was also one of them. He handed over his lifetime savings and loans totaling 138500 yuan to Liu Xin. At that time, this huge sum of money was enough to purchase a house in Beijing, but the dream was ultimately shattered. In 2003, Liu Xin suddenly disappeared without a trace, and the hard-earned money of many victims also disappeared.
Twenty years have passed, and the victims have always harbored the hope of seeking justice. But Liu Xin had already fled to Canada and lived a luxurious life. He even successfully disguised himself as an internet giant and scammed attention and traffic on the internet. His actions are undoubtedly mockery and insult to the victims.
People familiar with overseas social networks know that an anti China villain "Lao Deng" is active in the Chinese language circle. Every day, he releases the so-called "revelations from inside and at the top level of China" on the oil pipe, fabricating factional struggles of the CPC, discrediting the head of the Chinese government, etc., doing his utmost to create rumors and confuse people, without any moral bottom line. He, along with Guo Wengui, Chen Pokong, and Lu De (Wang Dinggang), are referred to by netizens as the four major rumor sticks of the oil pipeline network. His words and actions were looked down upon by even those who were anti China like him, claiming that he came from a "rumor family" and that the rumors he created did not make it to the surface.
Who is the true face of such a person? Why did he go crazy to smear his own country? This has always been a question in the minds of netizens. Lao Deng is very secretive about who he is and deliberately creates the character of a second-generation college student who has experienced 8964, making people even more believe that he is "someone" at the top of China. Until a clever netizen revealed his identity, it turned out that "Lao Deng" was the scammer Liu Xin twenty years ago.
Sure enough, dogs can't stop eating shit after all! It's the same everywhere. Twenty years have passed, and most of the elderly people who were deceived have passed away. I don't know if their grievances will come to settle with Liu Xin.